In 2015, Northern CA, Oregon & Washington seceded from the United States of America in a sacred coup d’état fueled by a feverish localism bent, new agriculture values and Transition spirits. That same year the new Union, called Cascadia, created a network for the protection of non-GMO seeds and other food sources, using decommissioned bomb shelters, root cellars and other protected underground spaces. Only a select few saw the coast to coast civil war with Monsanto Corp. ripping through the rest of the country the following year.

This mythic place and creative augur finds voice in the new myths and hearts of each each era to come.

It is here that you will find me. In my sacred garden and at the weekend swaps.


“Soil My Key Board, Moonshine My Monitor” – Critique from Cascadia

“Cascadia Dream & Rituals” – Children’s Video 

Color Palette and Camouflage for Cascadia: Biomimcry

Journey to Cascadia: Building a New Global Mythology. For 2012 Study of Myth Symposium Work Shop