Selected Interviews by Willi

“Mythography & the Universal Human” : Interview with Allison Stieger, Principal at Mythic Stories (Seattle)

“Spiraling into Permaculture & New Mythology”- Interview with Shari Tarbet, PhD., OSHER Institute

“Oil and Water” : Interview with Pat Moran – Music Director, Writer, San Francisco Mime Troupe

The Gratitude Code. Interview with Founders Nicholas Eamon Walker & Benjamin Crandall

“A Million Seeds” – Interview with Permaculturist / Author Christopher Shein

“Fixing Community.” Interview – Peter Skinner, Repair Cafe Palo Alto

“The Purpose of Creating Myths” – Interview with Willi Paul by Lauren Evans

The Mythology of Lemmings. Interview by Willi & Article on New Mythology by Kari McGregor, Editor, Spirit of the Times.

Sustainable Living & The New Mythology: Interview with Willi Paul of PlanetShifter Magazine and Open Myth Source, by Julianne Victoria, Through the Peacock’s Eyes

Neighbors Sharing Stories! Transition Tales from Reskilling & Sharing Expo. Video by Willi

“Shapeshift Threshold Reverie”. Interview with Maila T. Davenport PhD,, Portland

Transition Man. Interview with John Steere, Environmental Alchemist / Planner

Sacred Thyme for Permaculture. Interview with Abel R. Gomez is a writer, ritualist, community organizer

Building a New MythCode. Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Stephen Gerringer on the new The Study of Myth Forum & 2112 Symposium

The cowboy, the sacred and the land? Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Author, Healer Alanna Moore,

Honey. A garden conversation with David Cody, Permaculture Instructor. Urban Permaculture Institute, SF, by Willi Paul.

an archetypal cosmology conversation. Willi Paul & Keiron Le Grice, Archai Journal.

Ben Law’s Camp Fire MythologyInterview by Willi Paul

Reverse Engineering the Holy Grail with Inadequate Mythologies? Interview with Mythologist Catherine Svehla, Joshua Tree, CA.

New Alchemy, New Myths with Willi Paul. Permaculture Podcast Episode 15. Hosted by Ryan Unmack.

“Sustainability, Earth-Centeredness & the Emerging Global Myth.” Essay and Interview with Margo Meck,

Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Documentary & Presenter Interviews with Willi Paul & Catherine Walker

An Interview from the Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution: Willi Paul & David B. Metcalfe. By Patrick Brinkerhoff,

Mutated identities, accelerated extinction, sharp pointed myths in the Sustainability Age. Interview with Brooklyn Artist Caitlin Hackett

Instinct, observation and tribal wisdom. Event Circle 2010.9 Interview with Bron Taylor, author of Dark Green Religion

Transformed as if in a Dream: Alchemical Transmutation and Our Sacred Earth. Interview with Michelle Ramona Silva, PhD., by Willi Paul – Magazine.