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* New Animation Model & Case Study for Transition Children

* 12 eBooks by Willi Paul

* 545 + Leader Interviews

* “Transition Tales” (community testimonials)

* Willi’s Complete Post Gallery

* New Myth Series (28 +)

* YouTube Video Library

Transition Media Center for Permaculture Arts – Video Vision

Mythic Sound Ring – Solar Flare Journey – New Myth 22 (video)

water sound symbol myth: building new nature-based myths (Video)

Community Alchemy 8: Urban Transition Center, Video. Concept Plan Willi Paul, San Mateo, CA 1/31/12

Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision

Mythic Map @ 2011 NW Permaculture Convergence. A Transition Tool for Creating Culture. By Willi Paul and Communing with Nature participants

Chrysalis Songs for The Permaculture Age: Transmuting the New Myth, Alchemy, Symbols & Sacred

Permaculture Ritualizer: A Kid’s Tool for Writing New Stories, symbols, Songs & Myths. Video

Permaculture Teaching Video #3: Permagram Symbolic Language for Global (Post-Crash) Permaculture Tribes

inner & outer system of the sacred – Video