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Active in the sustainability, permaculture, transition, sacred Nature, new alchemy and mythology space since the launch of PlanetShifter.com Magazine on EarthDay 2009, Willi’s network now includes four web sites, a LinkedIn group, 3 tweeter accounts, a G+ site, multiple blog sites, and multiple list serves.

Mr. Paul has released 12 eBooks, 2140 + posts on PlanetShifer.com Magazine, and over 500 interviews with global leaders (site 1 & site2). He has created 48 New Myths to date and has been interviewed over 25 times in blogs and journals.

In 1996 Mr. Paul was instrumental in the design of the emerging online community space in his Master’s Thesis: “The Electronic Charrette..” Willi earned his permaculture design certification in August 2011 at the Urban Permaculture Institute, SF.

Please see his cutting-edge article at the Joseph Campbell Foundation and his pioneering videos on YouTube. His current focus is Myth Lab – a project that Willi presented at his third Northwest Permaculture Convergence in Portland, OR.

As a Senior Manager, Mr. Paul has worked for several Northern California sustainability, civil and software engineering firms. He now works part-time as a design / relocation consultant in the Bay Area. Willi’s consulting work is at NewMythologist.com

AN INTERVIEW WITH ‘NEW MYTHOLOGIST’ WILLI PAUL”, by Sharon Blackie, Editor, earthlinesreview.org

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