“garden pilots: transition tools for kids.” eBook #11 — NewMythologist.com





“Transition Prayer Percussion Ritual”


“Tattoo Alchemy” – A fun test in the future for kids 10 – 14 years old

“Symbols in the Transition?”

Animation / Video

“Mother – Frack” – Animation Pilot for Children

New Animation Model & Case Study for Transition Children

“Cascadia Dream & Rituals” – Children’s Video

New Myths

Alice Greening and the Parking Lot Sharing Expo. New Myth #35

“Alice Greening and the East Palo Alto Permaculture Brigade.” New Myth #36

“the mystical seed ball missile from god.” New Myth #37

“Halo and Kat Wing of Caledonia Alley.”New Myth #38

Myth Lab

“Myth Lab: A Transition Workshop Primer for Imprinting the New Mythology.” Site Video