“Mother – Frack” – Animation Pilot for Children by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

Cascadia Live! Featuring T1 & T3. A PlanetShifter.com Animation Pilot for Children

by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com


Cascadia Live!

 Engaging the Vision

Building the Set

Our Heros Seek-out the Earth…

T1 & T3 are “Transistors”, powerful beings from a distant planet in our Galaxy that experience and share energy, data, even thoughts and feelings between distant planets

They have hacked into the Earth’s Internet in search of Nature and examples of human’s evolution

The Pilot Episode:  “Mother – Frack”

T3 searches on alternative energy sources with their wave-ponder and examines a tall metal lattice tower

T1: Looks like an injector unit?

T3: Like a needle into Mother’s arm?

T3: Does not look like care for their Earth.

T3: I shall call this structure “Devil’s Tower”

T1: Primitive head gear man, come in!

T3: T3: He cannot think over the noise down there!

T3: That would be the Devil?

T1: Agreed.

T3: A secret scarlet potion!

T1: In a blue box!

T3: Why all these hoses on the lands, T1?

T1: They symbolize “snake and confusion.”

T3: They need to localize!

The Lesson of the Story?

Fracking makes our space friends crazy…

and our precious water toxic!