Cascadia’s Green Mythic Tea Tribe. New Myth # 30 by Willi Paul



 Menku Star was reading from the WIKI on the 2015 discovery of the so-called “mythic gene.”


“It says that the Campbell Institute in Saratoga found the masked trait that gives humans more receptivity to the power of myth when they were actually looking for cellular-level clues to bipolar disorder. Did you know that this “bliss gene” has mitochondria characteristics similar to many plants?”


“A hydroponic – plant – human genetic mash-up? Yup.”


Dr. Kay Push was distracted by the “glomp – glomp” sounds from the foot traffic on the main floor above them.


“I know you are new to the lab but that is old news indeed, Mz. Star.”


Menku and Kay work in the basement of the Green Leaf Café, a localized tea plantation (a reclaimed cemetery) and sipping spot in northeast PDX, now a proud member of Cascadia. They work with several other researchers to discover how the mythic gene works and if they can turn it on for folks without its spark.


* * * * * * *


Since its discovery, many in the permaculture & transition camps wonder if the hybrid gene is from another race, from an alien gene pool perhaps.  Many scientists are predicting that humans without this active gene are more likely to destroy the planet while those with it turned on are likely protectors of the planet.


This “switch” is the thrust of the research in the basement yurt shack.


 “What do the alchemists have to say, Doc?”


“What about the botanists, dude!?”


“And the ethicists?”


The lab was no secret but the only way down into their space is through a small portal with a wooden collapsible stair.


OccupyMonsanto has not yet protested the lab (!) but soulless ‘n’ sinister eyes abound.


 * * * * * * *


The tea from the fields and café above is now believed to play a role in how the mythic the gene turns on or bolsters the magnitude of the carrier.


Dr. Push is sending out bags of tea to the members of the Light Network in a trial, a “bliss test,” if you will! If the results are encouraging, the café – lab –plantation Board will consider adding additional crop land elsewhere in Cascadia and to deliver the tea to the dark force.


“What if the alchemy in our fields is necessary to the cellular action and transmutation?”


“We will need to carefully compost the post-production water and tea plants to build manufacture more soil for the new locations.”


Since the Chaos Era the population in the world and especially Cascadia and the dark territories are way down so we will not need a huge amount of “the source.”


* * * * * * *


“Quitn’ time Doc!”


“Yes, indeed. Time to head out for a bike ride and another City Repair comm – demo.”


“Tomorrow, then.”