Delta Trestle Tribe, Cascadia. 2028. New Myth 31 by Willi Paul,

“Science and technology by themselves aren’t enough. We need to turn to the arts in order to infuse passion into the pursuit of sustainability and get real results that will heal the planet,” he says. Shrivastava argues that art is a survival instinct. Narratives, stories, music and images served to warn our early ancestors against predators and natural disasters. Art helped them develop defense mechanisms. My colleagues and I believe that art should be used to deal with modern survival threats such as climate change and environmental crises.”

The Light Network works at night. No one has officially usurped the old rail track system that rusts in the decaying Sacramento Delta near the fire stained and bruised metro region. Water control was the big green fist in the early years after the Chaos Era tweaked into the present Post-Transition Era. The old Delta ecosystem system was destroyed by regional planning agencies and southern farmers and their corporations back 2017 when a huge underground pipeline and several unauthorized dams went lunar.


The abandoned rail buildings are now look-out towers and burnt-man sculptures from another era, now refortified with human spirit. Instead of camo canoes like the old days, many Cascadian’s are now boroughed into the soggy banks of the semi-exposed tributaries of the Delta for protection from the hot climate and the soul eaters.


“Compost Train!” New black soil making and other food production processes are kept out of the drunken eye of the Dark Forces and passed up the food chain to the brothers and sisters in the mountain spine of Cascadia.


Ancient, two person hand pump rail carts are the new silent transportation trucks in the Delta, hauling workers and their students – generating small cashes of electricity for the LAN. The Light Network is using this “duck duck grid” at night when the corporation goons are gobbling up each other.


Senior permies run the frontline transfer stations – first in line as the ex-pats head east to the wet caves, night rail corridors and solar ovens glowing up in Cascadia. The weedy and rusted ditches make for excellent duck and cover and food forest locations; the water table is usually at ditch bottom so this areas self-irrigate.


One fool’s abandoned rail ditch is another woman’s red beans and brown rice.


Often individuals and families leave the City’s Dark Side camps to join a permaculture tribe in Cascadia. No one is turned away but all are carefully interviewed and set-up with a mentor and goals agreement. De-brain washing is key to rebuilding a community sanity wacked by years under das capital.