Bill Mollison and I in the Chaos Era. By Willi Paul,


“I don’t think there will be that many environmental refugees in the Willamette Valley.” — Mark

“Can you elaborate on that prediction?  I’ve thought that with our abundant farm land, abundant water (knock on wood) and sparse population, the Willamette Valley is a pretty attractive lace to be for the collapse.  I would think that people will be fleeing LA, Las Vegas and Phoenix like rats leaving a sinking ship.  Where are they gonna go?  Why not here?” — Rob

Call it the Martial Law, the Collapse or the Chaos Era, I think that we are either in deep denial, just plain uninterested or dangerously late to the table on what our world will look like when the gas is gone, Safeway is shuttered and the water supply is in the hands of a few.

A sustainable community or permaculture conclave in a place like Willamette Valley can only support a few souls with shovels and Mollison’s ethics. Here are four groups that could head to the farm and over-run it:

1. The corrupted / gov’t

2. Migrating permaculture groups

3. Refugees (permanents)

4. Transients (temps)

What are the impacts on the existing system s at the sustainable community?

1. Immediate food and water shortages

2. Power struggles

3. Physical fights

4. Lawlessness

5. A void in values and principles

6. Flight of the existing farmers and destruction of the systems

Initial Questions:

1. What local or regional plans are in place to address this scenario?

2. How to re-set the balance of the existing community?

3. What are the short-term and long-term consequences of this Chaos?

4. How do we educate and transmutate permaculture  values in a proactive way with such malaise and denial?

5. Are 12’ barb wire fences the next step for the sustainable communities?