We are the Heroes. Editorial by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

We need new heroes – risk takers, vision accelerators – not incrementalists, business men and knowledge keepers. We need less egos in the fields and in the listservs. Is there a glass ceiling in the permaculture hero realm? We seem to get the same old faces and “experts” on the bill at the convergences and PDC trainings. 


Sad that the permaculture community purports to have a horizontal organizational structure except for the power holders. At this level, it’s an unhero-like “top-down.” Permie Capitalism often creates thinly veiled power vacuums – with a few winners and too many followers.


Mythologist and visionary Joseph Campbell wrote that a person needs to takes a journey, to struggle and risk in order to learn new skills and people, and then he/she returns to the community to share their wisdom. With guts and support, we can be a hero.


Are we developing new heroes in the Transition Movement? Who are they?